Editor 2.1.0 and DataTables 1.13.2

Editor 2.1.0 and DataTables 1.13.2

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Hi all,

I'm delighted to announce the release of both Editor 2.1.0 and DataTables 1.13.2 today. Editor 2.1 is the cumulation of months of tweaks, features and fixes, and you'll be able to see from its release notes that the changes touch almost every part of the code base. Performance improvements for SearchPanes (which has also been updated to 2.1.1 today) when server-side processing is enabled, have been made for our three server-side platforms - PHP, .NET and Node.js.

The full release notes for Editor 2.1.0 are available here.

DataTables 1.13.2 is a smaller update, but includes the first use of CSS variables in DataTables - in this case to allow customisation of row selection colours (example here to turn the selected rows red), and also the ability to trigger events for tables which are not yet in the document's DOM.

Release notes for DataTables 1.13.2 are available here.

If you run into any questions with these latest releases, please open a new thread with details of the problem and a link to a test case, so individual issues can be correctly tracked and addressed.

As always, I hope you enjoy using DataTables!


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