Feature request: Card presentation on mobile sizes

Feature request: Card presentation on mobile sizes

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Hi devs!

I test a new webservice at work and they did something clever with the datatable presentation.
On a certain widths each row was transformed to a card.
The presentation was elegant and easy to use on a mobile.
Is this something to put into the roadmap? :smile:

There is already an implementation of cards here http://live.datatables.net/kesehabo/1/edit
So why not combine them with responsive?



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    It is slick that - thank you for the link. I did some experimentation with this kind of thing for a client recently and it worked out quite well. So it is something I've got in the back of my mind, and I would like to develop an extension for DataTables which can do card layout. It probably won't be for a while yet though as we are working on other things just now.


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