How to display a bootstrap dropdown menu within a fixed column.

How to display a bootstrap dropdown menu within a fixed column.

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I have dropdown button within a fixed column on the right hand side of the table (see codepen link). When I trigger the dropdown it sits inside of the table and fixed column. I know this is maybe a css overflow or display issue if anybody could point me in the right direction for a fix on this.


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    The issue is as you surmise that the FixedColumns container needs to have overflow: scroll. But that means elements inside it can't display outside its boundary.

    It looks like you are using Bootstrap 3 and looking at their documentation there is no option to change where the dropdown is inserted into the document.

    In Bootstrap 4 you could set the boundary option to window to workaround this.


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    Hi Allan,

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the application I'm working on is still tied to BS3 with no upgrade planned yet to BS4 or 5 in the near future. I've got the dropdown working as such by adding overflow-x: visible to the .DTFC_RightBodyLiner class but this in turn has created more display bugs in relation to the fixed column. I think the only solution may be to remove the fixed column altogether if there is no other workaround.


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