Completely disable a cell

Completely disable a cell

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I'm using datatable editor with the keytable extension. I have a situation where I have some columns which will never be editable as well as some cells which may not be editable dependent on other data in that row. Is there a way to COMPLETELY disable editor functionality for a column/cell.

By disable I would need to remove the following on a cell: tab index so when tabing to a cell it skips over it, going into the edit mode (I tried using the "readonly" type but this still puts it in edit mode but just doesn't allow typing), auto fill functionality.

Right now I'm using the preopen event to search to see if a column is in a list of columns which are editable and I'm planning on adding custom functionality to see if it meets other data criteria to be editable or not but this only solves part of my problem.

It would be great if there was an option on initiation that I could set which would do this. Is there?


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    There is the keys.columns method that can be used to control which columns can be selected. But there isn't a similar option for cells - you'd need to use preOpen as you currently are for that, or listen for focus and skip over a cell if it is disabled.


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    Thanks Allan,

    It looks like although there isn't a one stop shop way of doing this, it is achievable through the extensive api you have created.



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