Custom selector for click blur

Custom selector for click blur

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I love the blurable feature but I miss the ability to specify elements that should not cause key-blur. Right now, the rules are as follows:
* Click on the search input will blur focus
* If the click was inside the DataTables container, don't blur
* Don't blur in Editor form
* Or an Editor date input
* If the click was inside the fixed columns container, don't blur

I would like there to be an option to configure a jQuery selector for elements that, when clicked, should not cause key-blur.

  keys: {
    columns: ':not(:first-child)',
    blurable: true,
    blurableIgnore: '.no-keyblur'

I need this feature for custom controls outside the table wrapper that interact with the selected cell.

I already added this feature to my fork:


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    Thanks for the suggestion - I do rather like this!


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