SQL / Scoped query

SQL / Scoped query

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1) How would you formulate:

SELECT UNameF,UCustomerName FROM tblUsers,tblCustomers WHERE tblUsers.ID = SESSSION[ID} AND tblCustomers.f_UserID = tblUsers.UserID

(the goal is to select all the customers of one salesperson).

2) Are PHP sessions compatible with the PHP JSON output? I don't want to show the above output merely with a $_GET parameter...


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    1. You'd need to use the `where` method ( http://editor.datatables.net/docs/current/php/class-DataTables.Editor.html#_where ) to do that (assuming the first part of your condition is on the parent table), which is looks like it is). Which tables to the two selected fields belong to?

    2. PHP JSON output? As in the string result of encode_json()? Yes you can just assign the value to a session parameter. You don't need to json encode the PHP array - you can just assign the array itself to a PHP session parameter.

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    Thanks, seems to work.
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