KeyTable / DataTable row navigation

KeyTable / DataTable row navigation

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Hi all,

Quite simple question. Is it possible to navigate whole rows (that is, only use up/down arrow) and fetch data from a specific column using a combo of datatables and keytable?

If so, can you point me to some documentation? (I've noticed that the keytable "intro" states the following:
"..... be assigned to individual cells, columns, rows or all cells ...." why I suspect, that this should be possible :)

BR Hoof


  • allanallan Posts: 61,084Questions: 1Answers: 9,961 Site admin
    Currently no - KeyTable is cell navigation only. It is a goal to add row / column navigation, but it isn't currently implemented. Patches are welcome :-)

    The text in the intro you allude to is referring to events, not the navigation.

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    Alright... I've mimicked it with styling and a (null,null) event. That works just fine for me :)

    Thanks any way! :)
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    Hoof, would you consider posting how you did that?

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    Any update on this being implemented allan?

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    Update CSS for KeyTable to

    table.KeyTable tr.focus {
    outline: 3px solid #3366FF;
    outline-offset: -3px;

    will do the job for you.

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