Minor setup questions

Minor setup questions

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UPDATE: One minute after posting I see my mistake. There's another sub directory. So ignore please.

First two minor updates. 1.9.1 should be updated to 1.9.2 and not sure whether it should be under "examples" or "extras". Notice how the documentation tells you to install it under "extras" but then the later steps expects it under "examples".

From http://editor.datatables.net/tutorials/installing

"Now upload the Editor directory to your web-server into the DataTables-1.9.1/extras directory that was created when you uploaded the DataTables package."

"Configuring the server-side scripts
With the files and the SQL all in place, all that is left to do is instruct the Editor examples files how to make the connection to the database. For this the only file you need to edit is examples/php/include/db.php from the Editor download package."
Yet it is not there, a quick search shows it is under "
find ~ -name db.php


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    Thanks for the update - good to hear you got it working. Good point about the 1.9.1 link - I'll get that sorted out!

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