RowGroup + Order Not Working as Expected

RowGroup + Order Not Working as Expected

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edited October 2021 in DataTables 1.10

Link to test case:

Hello! I am trying to get the two rowGroup tables to sort by the correct month index, but it was sorting by the alphabetized order. I figured out a work around would be to render the date column with moment to display "M/DD" so there are no leading 0s to mess with the order. After that, order by [1, 'asc'], and use my rowGroup dataSrc as HireMonth and BirthMonth. It partially works, it starts with January, but after that it messes up the order.

In my dynamic example, I got it working for one table, but another tabbed table I tried it on (same logic) it just stopped grouping and there are multiple groups of the same data source. Not sure what is causing that, but I figure once I can figure out what is causing the fiddle to do it, I can figure out why my dynamic example is doing it.


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