jQuery 4 beta released

jQuery 4 beta released

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The jQuery team dropped the release of jQuery 4 beta today, which is a fantastic achievement. They've removed legacy methods and legacy browser support, reducing the size of the library while keeping the familar and concise API.

DataTables 2 (nearing release itself) works no problem with jQuery4 (example here), with all its unit tests passing. DataTables 1.13..8 and newer also work fine.

Before the inevitable question - there are no immediate plans to drop jQuery as a requirement for DataTables. I'll write more about this in future, but it would make DataTables as a library significantly larger and vastly increase the support and maintenance burden if I were to replace it. You don't need to write jQuery code at all to use DataTables, jQuery is just a dependency, and with jQuery 4 the dependency size, which was already small, has been reduced further.


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