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Link to test case: (not my test case; copied from

Error messages shown:
no errors

Description of problem:

I have a large table with 5-10k rows; complex custom filters; and I would like to use Cascading SearchPanes. I tried all suggestions I found in the forum, and the linked test case works in theory. The problem is that console.log('show processing icon'); is shown right after clicking an option in a SearchPane, but $('#loading').show(); only starts showing up once the table and SearchPanes have been redrawn.

It's difficult to understand because of the limited dataset in the test case, but it takes around 3-5 seconds to redraw my data and the loading indicator is just shown for a brief moment after everything has finished up loading.

Is there a way to show a loading indicator right after clicking in a SearchPane?

Any input is appreciated,


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    When. you say you have "complex custom filters" are you referring to client side Search Plugins or server side processing?


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    Thanks for your reply @kthorngren

    I'm referring to "Custom Filtering Panes" as shown here.

    However, when removing those custom searchpane filters, there's still a noticeable lag when clicking a filter (I guess 2-3 seconds instead of 4-5 seconds).

    Server-side processing with custom filtering panes are not supported as of now

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    anyone? :smile:

  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 20,275Questions: 26Answers: 4,765

    @allan will need to take a look. I did some experimenting but it seems the UI is locked up for a period of time and the $('#loading').show(); is delayed. The console shows show processing icon immediately after the SP row is clicked but the spinner doesn't appear at the same time. It appears late like you mentioned.


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