New: FuzzySearch plug-in

New: FuzzySearch plug-in

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Hi all,

I'm really pleased to announce the release of our latest plug-in for DataTables: FuzzySearch. Full details and examples are available in the blog post introducing the software, but basically it adds the ability to do fuzzy matching rather than exact matching in DataTables. For example search for "Tooyo" and it will still match "Tokyo".

Features include:

  • User ability to toggle between fuzzy and exact match searching (see this example)
  • Ability to search the matching threshold
  • Ability to show the search match score in a column.

This is the latest project Sandy has been working on (with more in the pipeline) and I'm really excited about this one - I think it is a fantastic addition to the DataTables suite, and might get an upgrade to being a first class extension for DataTables in future. It will land in CloudTables soon.

What do you think? How might you use it? What features have we missed? All feedback welcome :).



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