Server Side Processing?

Server Side Processing?

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Hi @allan,

We are facing few issues in our application.
we have implemented data table on server side("serverSide" : true) to fetch the data from back-end ,
=> The issue is arising when we are updating a single row and clicking outside of the row, it is calling to the back-end.

=> The expected result is, we should be able to update multiple records, and the table should be updated only after clicking the save button.

the below given link is the reference to the code format that we are using in our application

I have got the below examples from the datatable website, but the issue we are facing haven't been resolved even after using these references

So, can you please suggest us any particular method to resolve the above mentioned issue.



  • arunjaykrishnanarunjaykrishnan Posts: 18Questions: 3Answers: 0

    Hi @Allan,

    I am Saidulu's team mate. While researching on the issue, we found a property in editor called drawType: 'none', that will prevent datatable with serverSide true from reloading when we make an edit to one column. Please let us know if we can use drawType as none without impacting any other functionalities. Is there any negatives with using drawType as none?

    Your help is much appreciated.


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