download builder bug

download builder bug

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i always use the download builder for downloading and upgrading.

this is the url that came from the last files:

but if i use this, jqueryUI is not selected, i think its a bug :)

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  • MaikelMaikel Posts: 75Questions: 18Answers: 1

    also why is the download builder not using all the latest versions?

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    Agreed - that's a bug. Thanks for letting me know about that. I'll get it fixed.

    Regarding the versions - there was a packaging error with some of the releases for npm (e.g. DataTables 1.10.18), which required a new release to fix (1.10.19 for DataTables). The software is identical though, so I've not yet updated the download builder since there is no need. I will as new versions are released.


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