My simplier suggestions

My simplier suggestions

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I have an old system, developed in CodeIgniter. I decided to rewrite the whole system, with Laravel, rethinking everything, from the database. I've done it slowly, a long time. I decided to buy the PHP Datatables Editor instead to use of the (excellent) Yajra / Laravel-Datatables package. Datatables Editor is probably the most complete Datatables tool in the world, with an active community and that was the point. But, I felt some difficulty connecting and configuring the Editor package to works works like any other Laravel package coming from the composer. I think it would be very interesting that there were instructions for installing and initializing the package for the main PHP frameworks (Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, etc). Surely the framework community could help. Many people would be happy =) Ah... And also, keep me logged in Editor's, pleaseeeee. Every night I need to relog lol


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    Thanks for the feedback! I agree, it would be great to have full instructions for each of the frameworks. We've been going for a bit of divide and conquer approach - generic PHP first, then generic .NET, then mostly generic NodeJS (uses Express in the examples) and as we progress forward we'll refine instructions for some of the frameworks on each platform. The trick there is the scope of knowledge required - I'm not an expert in Laravel, Yii, etc, so it will take some time to get up to speed with each.

    And also, keep me logged in Editor's, pleaseeeee. Every night I need to relog lol

    Odd - I don't have that problem. Possibly a cookie setting or extension in your browser? Does it happen in all browsers?


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