DataTables 1.5 beta 8 released

DataTables 1.5 beta 8 released

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Hello all,

I'm pleased to release DataTables 1.5 beta 8. This is basically a tidy up release for DataTables and includes a number of little bug fixes, and some improved flexibility in the API.

You can download it here:

Full release notes:

Progress is being made on 1.5 final (albeit slowly), with the unit tests still the only real barrier to making the release. Just need a few more hours in each day to finish writing them :-)

Please remember, if you are finding DataTables useful, particularly for a commercial project, please consider making a donation. It needn't be a "small yacht" type donation (although you would hear no complaints ;-) ), just a little something to say thanks and help pay the bandwidth bill would be very welcome.

Enjoy 1.5 beta 8.

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