Preserver Scroller Position on draw(false)

Preserver Scroller Position on draw(false)

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In my table I render real time data and I also update secondly to show some sort of duration/current time. Because the table might become quite big and the update frequency might become high, I want to use Scroller for table virtualization. My problem now: If you have sorting or filtering active, the DataTable jumps to top even if you call draw(false).

I did some debugging and found out that there are handlers registered to the aoDrawCallback event which is triggered in _fnDraw. The first handler in my debugging was some internal stuff, the second was the Scroller handler which restored the scroll position. But the third handler was _fnScrollDraw which sets divBodyEl.scrollTop = 0; at the end.

Is there a way to preserve the position on the Scroller even if you frequently call draw(false)?


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    This is a bug - Scroller should be able to maintain its position when using draw(false). I'll need to take a look into this.


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    The same issue here. Blank rows after consecutive scroll down -> sort by a different column. Is a fix's ETA known yet?

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