Internationalisation plug-ins

Localisation of the presentation layer is important for any software package, and I aim to make this normally arduous task as easy as possible in DataTables. To this end, a number of contributors have kindly translated the language strings used is DataTables into various different languages. If you translate DataTables into any other languages, please get in touch or send a Github pull request.

How to use

There are two methods by which you can include internationalisation options in DataTables - loading the language file through an Ajax request (language.url), or at initialisation time using the language property. The following example shows how to include the German translation as an Ajax file:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#example').DataTable( {
        language: {
            url: 'dataTables.german.json'
    } );
} );

For more information on using the DataTables language options, please refer to the internationalisation section of the manual. Additionally, a live example of a language file being used is available in the examples section and being loaded by Ajax.