AlphabetSearch 1.13.4 not working?

AlphabetSearch 1.13.4 not working?

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Link to test case:

Error messages shown:
Uncaught TypeError: search.node is not a function
at Object.fnInit (dataTables.alphabetSearch.js:213:23)
at _t (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:24770)
at Jt (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:32649)
at t (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:8587)
at pe (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:46189)
at he (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:45128)
at HTMLTableElement.<anonymous> (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:8662)
at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2:3003)
at E.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js:2:1481)
at E.fn.init.w [as dataTable] (jquery.dataTables.min.js:4:3564)
fnInit @ dataTables.alphabetSea

Description of problem:

It seems Alphabet Search doesn't seem to work with 1.13.4 version. If I just swap version to 1.13.1 it starts working again. Did anything change? Am I missing something?

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  • allanallan Posts: 58,894Questions: 1Answers: 9,479 Site admin
    Answer ✓

    No you aren't - it was me that was missing something. That method!

    I've added it now. The latest version with the fix is available here.

    Apologies for that error!


  • MadBoyEvoMadBoyEvo Posts: 109Questions: 32Answers: 0

    Thank you! It's not a problem.

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