Multiple sources field + three state checkbox

Multiple sources field + three state checkbox

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Hi, i'm having troubles setting up a table with fields that are having data from two differents sources.
Also, the checkbox may take three states but i don't know how to link the data i'm getting to the checkbox value
When i'm printing the data of the presubmit event, i'm getting null value.
Im the condition is required, i'm supposed to print an input whom data is coming from ValeurX
Otherwise i'm printing a checkbox with the three state values (checked, unchecked, undefined)
But i'm getting the data 0, 1 or 2 from the db.
How to link it to the current datatable checkboc ?
How can i implement the three state checkbox and handle the differents data source ?

I linked the cshtml and js file

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    There is no option in Editor to have a three state checkbox I'm afraid. However, it might be possible to do what you are looking for if the indeterminate state cannot be re-entered once checked or unchecked is selected.

    Use a technique such as the one shown here to set the checked state of the checkboxes (currently your renderer is doing it).


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