ScrollX and header/column width

ScrollX and header/column width

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Link to test case (with inline editor) :

  • Problem N°1 -> On the column position ( where you have a dropdown to select the value + a button to validate) :
    If scrollX: true -> the header doesn't have the correct width to match with the collumn width (see image bellow)

    the problem also happen without the button to validate :

    BUT the problem doen't happen if scrollX isn't enabled (see image bellow)

    Question -> Is there a solution to work with scrollX ? Because my table have many columns (20+) so i need to use it.

  • Problem N°2 -> On the column Date (where there is only date) if you click on the date, this happen :

    It's a bit random, depending on the selected date (1 or 2 digit) and if there is already another date in the table.

    Question -> How to fix this ?

Thx for your answer / time :)

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    I have a problem, i want to submit another question on the forum BUT for that i need the test case i have created above with ssp (or the one in your answer) but it seem to doesn't work anomore, why ?
    I have changed nothing so the test case with ssp should work... (many console errors, look like scripts doesn't work)

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    There were some changes to allow for HTTPS access to the test cases. The error is caused by loading jquery.js with HTTP. Changed it to HTTPS here:


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