Inline editing submits the changed field's value only, I need to join another (editor) field / .net

Inline editing submits the changed field's value only, I need to join another (editor) field / .net

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Upon editing a field inline in editor, the changed/updated field's value is correctly submitted!
All other fields are not submitted. This is ok so far.

I explicitly do not want to always submit & update all fields of the current row, means I do not want to specifying "submit: 'allIfChanged' ", for a couple of reasons.

OK. BUT...

I anyway do need to submit ONE more field from the updated row, e.g. some ID field, to query on and enrich submitted data in the following process.

Therefore I am using a data "Validator" to read the submitted field's data and then adding or updating some other editor fields of this specific row, during each submit process.

I use:

.Validator((editor, type, args) =>
    if (type.ToString() == "EditorEdit")
     {foreach (var d in args.Data)
       var incomingData = d.Value as Dictionary<string, object>;
       if (incomingData.ContainsKey("JoinOneMoreFieldFromThisEditorRow.Submit")

... etc

I wanted to keep this question simple, so I hope this is enough to understand the idea and most likely someone has kind of an obvious "one liner" answer at hand. I did check some options cc preEdit aso, but I kind of still hope there's a more flagrant simple solution, like flagging any additional field of the updated row as "submit me too on change" or any similar mylazyworld optionflag... :)

Many thanks in advance for your advice
cheers, Mark


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    A possible quick answer would be to add that id to the data submitted to the server with The server could then extract it and do those mods you discussed,


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    Yes indeed, I ended up doing it the bold way with, plus a receiving controller on the server side. Somehow I was just wondering if there wasn't a more api standard way to flag one or more editor fields to be submitted, together with the one that gets updated inline.

    Might be a usefull and elegant option to integrate, this represents a quite common usecase in my opinion...

    Many thanks anyway, Colin!

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