SearchPanes v2.0.0 no paging no search

SearchPanes v2.0.0 no paging no search

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Link to test case: (problem not reproduced).
Debugger code ( No error reported.
Error messages shown: JS console warning "Scroll anchoring was disabled in a scroll container because of too many consecutive adjustments (10) with too little total distance (0 px average, 0 px total)." highcharts.src.js:31204:21 (no error message coming from datatables to report, but when we click on bottom-right pagination buttons from datatables this warning from highcharts is triggered ).
Description of problem: when clicking on bottom-right pagination buttons "previous", "next", "1", "2" nothing happened. The same when entering text in top-right "Search" input the table is not redimensioned.
Temporary workaround: Revert back to SearchPanes v1.4.0.

We use Highcharts v10.0.0. The JS console warning comes from highcharts.src.js:31204:21 if it can help to pinpoint the source of the problem.


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    I'm not seeing any errors with that test case, it's behaving I'd say as expected. The error you quoted is from Highcharts, not from DataTables. Please can you give steps on how to reproduce,


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