Datatables pagination

Datatables pagination

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edited February 2022 in DataTables 1.10

I want to get the searchbar, pagination and the pagination length menu above the table seperated in 3 columns. This is what i am trying so far

    dtable = $('#applicationList').dataTable({
        "dom": "<'row'<'col-lg-10 col-md-3 col-xs-12'f><'col-sm-10 col-md-10 col-xs-12'p><'col-lg-2 col-md-10 col-xs-12'l>>" +
            "<'row'<'col-sm-12'tr>>" +
            "<'row'<'col-sm-12 col-md-5'i><'col-sm-12 col-md-7'p>>"

I can get the length menu to the right but the search bar and the pagination menu are all the way to the left and the search bar is above the pagination menu. Can someone help?


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    This is a duplicate of this thread - please only post once.


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