Sorting and Filtring Not working for ServerSide= true

Sorting and Filtring Not working for ServerSide= true

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HI All
Working with Datatable and serverSide= true and have filtering on all header columns every thing is working as accepted. Now i want to Add ordering on one of the column so add below code.
ordering: true,
order: [[8, 'desc']],
columnDefs: [
"orderable": true,
"targets": 8,
orderable: false,
targets: "no-sort"

Ordering working separately but if i open my filter div which have checkboxes, when ever checking/unchecking it is making post call and then ordering my data. which is not expected.
Can any one help me out with this case.


  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 20,264Questions: 26Answers: 4,764

    All sorting, searching and paging functions are performed by the server when server side processing is enabled. You will see ajax requests sent to the server for any of these functions. Not sure what you have for the server script but you can reference the ssp.class.php script which is used in the examples.


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