How to switch from Flash buttons to Html5 buttons?

How to switch from Flash buttons to Html5 buttons?

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We have been using Flash buttons with Tabletools and need to convert these to Html5 buttons but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Here are the scripts we have been using in our footer:

And here is where the datatable is initialized:

From what I've found out so far, I believe I need to not use tabletools anymore as that will always use flash buttons, is that correct? When I comment out tabletools and add in:
"buttons" : [
"copy", "excel"
it doesn't work. How can I switch from using the Flash buttons that don't work anymore to Html5 buttons? I downloaded newer versions of datatables.min.js along with dataTbales.buttons.min.js, jszip.js, pdfmake.min.js, vfs_fonts.js and buttons.html5.min.js and you can see where they are in the footer commented out because I haven't gotten them to work yet. Any advice is appreciated.


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