Loading child rows using ajax

Loading child rows using ajax

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I have a main table that is the summation of one or more records for each store in a retail business. I am trying to use ajax (my first time) to retrieve the detail records (one or more) that make up the main records. I have used https://datatables.net/blog/2019-01-11 as a guide, but it appears to me that the php code it shows deals only with the editor, and doesn't show the code that sends the data. Does anyone have a simple example showing an ajax call in the datatable, and the corresponding code on the server side that generates the data? Thanks in advance.


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    You can use the Editor PHP scripts as they are open source - this blog post describes that in more detail. This simple example would be a good place to start, you can see the server-side scripts there.


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    Sorry, meant to click yes here.

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