Length dropdown with custom Vue component

Length dropdown with custom Vue component

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this will ever be of any use to anyone other than me, but I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone else is interested.

I've got a custom dropdown Vue component which I wanted to use in place of the standard <select> in the browser for DataTables' length drop down menu (this is for CloudTables):

This is what it looks like:

And the code:

// Create DataTables feature plug-in which can be addressed using the `L` option in the `dom` parameter:
$.fn.dataTable.ext.feature.push( {
    fnInit: function ( settings ) {
        // Create the Vue component instance
        let Sel = Vue.extend(Select);
        let inst = new Sel({
            propsData: {
                inline: 'inline',
                options: [
                    {label: '10', value: 10 },
                    {label: '25', value: 25 },
                    {label: '50', value: 50 },
                    {label: '100', value: 100 },
                    {label: 'All', value: -1 },
                value: 10

        // Listen for changes form the input
        inst.$on('input', (val) => {
            // Updates its internal value
            inst.$set(inst, 'value', val);

            // Change the page length in DataTables via its API
            let api = new ($.fn.DataTable as any).Api(settings);


        // Wrapper and content to return
        return $('<div class="dataTables_length" />')
            .append('Show ')
            .append(' rows')[0];
    cFeature: 'L'
} );

It doesn't use the language options and lengthMenu options from DataTables, but if anyone wants to build up on it, they can do so :).


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