Fixed Column Performance

Fixed Column Performance

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When i applied FixedColumns to my generated table, the browser hung and I have to wait for a long time before the browser became responsive again. It seems that FixedColumns redraw the table twice and this maybe the reason why the browser was busy. Will the fixed column be improved so that I can specify fixed column when I call DataTable instead of calling afterward. It can be a great improvement especially for big and complex tables. Thanks a lot.


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    The thing which really slows down FixedColumns is the row height matching between the fixed column and the main table body. How slow this is is directly linked to the number of rows you have - the more rows, the slower it is. There isn't a huge amount that can be done about that, so I included in FixedColumns to option to have the height pre-determinated, like in this example: .

    That might work for you, it might not (since all rows need to be of the same height). If not, then you might need to consider using let rows in the table, or some other performance improvement I've not yet thought of :-)

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    Thanks Allan,

    I did not notice that there is a fixed height option available. I will give it a shot.

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    Hi again, Allan.

    I have tired to use fixed height for my table and it really works out much faster.

    Thanks for your advice.

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