Editable - getting original cell data (not rendered value)

Editable - getting original cell data (not rendered value)

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Though I can imagine some times you will want to get the fnRender'd value of a cell when editing, I would like to get the original data value. I don't see any way of getting the cell or finding the row and column indexes in order to tell jeditable to use that data rather than the rendered data. Is there a way to do this? if not, can you add an option to the Editable plug-in to allow getting the original cell or data?

I'm really surprised that the jeditable itself doesn't seem to have a way to get the DOM element that it is being called on. the "this" variable is set to the HTMLDocument object.


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    I think I misunderstood. for some reason I thought the data in fnGetData was untouched original source. I guess I will cache a copy of pre-altered cell values for tables for use with editable fields.
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    We touched on this in your other post, but to expand on that a little here, what you could possibly do, if you didn't want to use bUseRendered, is store the original value as a new property on the data source object given to fnRender (o.aData._myProp = o.aData.myProp for example). Then you'll have access to both :-)

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