Date Picker submit on mobile device

Date Picker submit on mobile device

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I use datatables with inline editing enabled. The current behaviour is the following:
- So on desktop, you can click on a date column cell
- datepicker opens, you click on a date
- then you need to hit the enter key or click somewhere else so that the row gets submitted.

On mobile device:
- I can also click on a date, date picker closes
- Keyboard is still open
- And if I dont click "Return" but click on "Done" (Fertig in screenshot), The new date will not be submitted unless I click somehwere else


Can this behaviour be modified? Like..
Eg. Directly submit the date if it was clicked
or listen on DONE event?

Thanks in advance

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    Can you show me the code you are using to initialise the date picker there please?

    I actually don't know what event Done will trigger there - I suspect just a simple "change". Perhaps the solution would be to use:

    editor.field('myDateField').input().on( 'change', function ( e, d ) {
      // Check if it was triggered by Editor, or the end user
      if ( !d ) {
    } );


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    Hi Allenm thanks for the suggestion. I used the editor.submit() on button on my datatable.

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