keys.editorKeys tab-only no longer seems to work

keys.editorKeys tab-only no longer seems to work

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In our application we were utilizing the KeyTable key.editorKeys: "tab-only" on all of our tables. This functionality no longer seems to work. We are on KeyTable-2.3.2, DataTables-1.10.16, and Editor-1.7.3.

Our instantiation looks like this:

var itemsDT = $( "#list-items-dt-edit" ).DataTable( {
    ajax: ajaxUrl,
    responsive: true,
    autoWidth: false,
    columns: [ { // Responsive control column
        data: null,
        defaultContent: "",
        className: "control",
        orderable: false
    }, {
        data: "id",
        className: "division-id",
        visible: false,
        searchable: false
    }, {
        data: "display_text",
        className: "editable-cell long-text"
    }, {
        data: "description",
        defaultContent: "",
        className: "editable-cell long-text"
    }, {
        data: "program_id",
        render: renderProgramDisplayTextAndCode,
        className: "editable-cell"
    }, {
        data: "status_id",
        name: "status_name",
        render: renderStatusName,
        className: "editable-cell status"
    } ],
    select: {
        blurable: true
    keys: {
        editor: listItemsEditor,
        editorKeys: "tab-only"
} );


  • cgaleckicgalecki Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    After further inspection of the datatables javascript, this seems to not work because our implementation combines the inline edit functionality with keytables.

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    KeyTable effectively does inline editing itself, so there could be some confusion if you attempt to call inline() yourself. If you remove that and just allow KeyTable to control the inline editing, does it work?


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