fnSetFilteringDelay not working

fnSetFilteringDelay not working

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Hi Allan,

Thanks a lot for a great plugin!!

It seems like for the large data sets filter is not more responsive. So I tried to add delay it with fnSetFilteringDelay but I am not getting any delay when i type search key words in the filter box. Below is the code.
$('#submittedFormTbl').dataTable( {
"fnInitComplete": function() {
alert( 'DataTables has finished it\'s initialisation.' );
"sScrollY": "365px",
"aaSorting": [[0,'desc']],
"sDom": '<"toolbar">lfrtip',

'Date Range(YYYY-MM-DD): '+
' to '+

var oTable = $('#submittedFormTbl').dataTable();

Any Ideas?



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    i have the same problem. No mather wich value of time i write, it doesn't wait. I'm using last datatables version 1.7.6
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    in my case seems to be a problem with "oLanguage".

    That was discused here: http://datatables.net/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=2708&page=1
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