Plug-In Javascript for AutoComplete and Others

Plug-In Javascript for AutoComplete and Others

jtlewisjtlewis Posts: 7Questions: 3Answers: 0

Should line 52 of editor.autoComplete.js be:

var _fieldTypes = Editor.fieldTypes;

Instead of:

var _fieldTypes = DataTable.ext.editorFields;

If so, seems like is also an issue in several of other js plug-in code.


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  • allanallan Posts: 57,300Questions: 1Answers: 9,127 Site admin
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    Hi Joe,

    Apologies - this is a versioning error. The code for the plug-ins published on the Editor site will work with Editor 1.5. They will throw an error with 1.4. With the next site update I'll add a note about that to the pages with information on how they can be main compatible for 1.4.

    The reason for the change is that if you use the download builder, the load order suddenly becomes important - Editor could be loaded after the plug-ins (if using Generator), hence why they are now attached to DataTables. I should have made this more explicit and possibly put fallback code in...


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