date-dd-MMM-yyyy not working?

date-dd-MMM-yyyy not working?

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Hi Allan & Esteemed Forum Colleagues,
This one seems trivial, except for the part where it's not working, lol! We're using 1.10.2 (and I also tried 1.10.4 for grins) and trying to get a dd-MMM-yyyy date to sort correctly, using datatables as a client-side wrapper for a table. No matter what I do, it is only sorting as a string, unusable..

I've tried with and without the date-dd-MMM-yyyy.js, same response; Can someone confirm or deny this functionality, and an example would be quite nice as well, my code is simple enough:

$(document).ready(function() {  
    "autoWidth": false,
    "paging": true,
    "ordering": true,
    "order": [],
    "info": true,
    "filter": true,
    "pageLength": 10,
    "scrollY": 427,
    "scrollX": true,
    "columnDefs": [
                   { "type": "date-dd-MMM-yyyy", targets: [7, 8] }


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    I've just put together a little example that uses the Date (dd-mmm-yyyy) plug-in and it seems to work as expected.

    Are you able to link me to your page, or to a test page showing the issue?

    One thing to note - with that plug-in, since it has a type-detection plug-in as well, there shouldn't be any need to specify the columns.type option. If it isn't automatically detected, then the data in the column isn't matching what is expected by the plug-in.


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