How to combine TableTools w/ ColReorder & ColVis

How to combine TableTools w/ ColReorder & ColVis

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In the examples I downloaded for datatables there is a directory for ColReorder that has an example with ColVis. I was able to get the two converted over to asp and populate my data successfully -

What I am not able to figure out is how to get TableTools integrated with these two features. I tried combining all the css and js files for the three but am left with a functioning result, ie the reorder and visibility, but no tabletool icons, ie. pdf, excel, copy, etc are present.

Is combing the 3 as easy as making sure all css and js files needed are present, or is it such that doing so can result in conflicts


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    It should be as simple as you say and then initialising the three components. How are you initialising them - with the dom parameter? Can you show us what you have tried?


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