Grey boxes for TableTools when disabled

Grey boxes for TableTools when disabled

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I've installed TableTools and all buttons except the last one for Print are these grey boxes. If I hover over them an X appears, no text. It does not look very good. Is this intentional or are there issues with styling? I am using Chrome 33.0.1750.152

If I disable position: relative for a.DTTT_button, then all of them work except the first one, which still stays grey. Cant see how to fix that one.



  • amitywebamityweb Posts: 5Questions: 3Answers: 0
    Ah, I found the issue. I didnt realise this uses Flash. When I found out I remembered I have disabled plugins to run automatically in my browser because I am sick of going to websites that have videos play automatically! Usually there is a message saying to click to play the plugin. As these boxes are really small, you cant see that message, its just a grey box, and a cross appears when you hover over.

    Might be worth showing a message, if possible, if flash is not supported or disabled.

    All working now though!
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    Interesting. Yeah - the Flash requirement is a massive pita. I would seriously love to drop it. I wrote a blog post about it recently: . Basically we can't yet.

    But you are right, I need to show a better message. I'll look into that.

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