Keep collection open [optionally]

Keep collection open [optionally]

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I might be missing something but as far as I can see click on TableTools (collection member) button triggers collection hide unconditionally. As this is not always desired behavior it would be nice to have option to keep collection open.

To "fix" it for all button types single line could be added in beginning of TableTools.prototype._fnCollectionHide function (cca. line 1425 )
if (oConfig && oConfig.bKeepCollection) return;

and you have the option to set bKeepCollection flag to true, if you wish that button does not hide the collection. It works for me so far, but didn't test it in different scenarios.


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    Good idea - thanks for sharing this with us! I'm planning on rewriting the button options in TableTools after the 1.10 release of DataTables, and I'll certainly keep this idea in mind for inclusion.

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