TableTools Download Plugin

TableTools Download Plugin

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I am currently using the TableTools plugin download (get only). I am using the same server side code for the download as outlined here:

My challenge is that I am using the ColVis and ColReorder extras as well. When I have a table displayed, I want to serverside program to process it for the csv just like it is shown on the screen. (For example, I may reorder a column and hide 2 columns and I want my csv to reflect this) Is this possible?



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    Anyone? This is critical for me.
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    You would need to have the request also sent the information about the column order and the visibility settings. Simply doing `$('#myTable thead th')` will get you the cells in the head, then create an array of their values and sent it to the server so it can process them.

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    Thanks Allan, I will try that...and not that you don't already know, but incredible job on Datatables!
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