dataTables.editable.js - rowData is not defined

dataTables.editable.js - rowData is not defined

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i use this script for add new record to my tables, I working on MVC.

I write:
oTable = $('#tableToShow').dataTable
oLanguage: { sUrl: "/RaGe.IRES/HTML/TranslateDataTables" },
"sScrollY": "0px",
"bPaginate": false,
"bScrollCollapse": true
sAddURL: "@Url.Content("~/Insert/AddNewRow")",
oAddNewRowButtonOptions: {
label: "Aggiungi",
icons: { primary: 'ui-icon-plus' }

The query of insert works fine, but
1) the form does not close;
2) the firebug console return show an error:
ReferenceError: rowData is not defined
rtn = oTable.fnAddData(rowData);

How i can pass the rowdata?



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    makeEditable is a 3rd party piece of software and is not supported in these forums. I'd suggest you ask in that projects issue tracker.

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