scroller and details-row incompatibility?

scroller and details-row incompatibility?

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I'm using scroller plug in on a datatable which also has the detail row for each displayed row.
I'm using serverside processing.
let's say i have 200 rows, each one has a detail row below it, so scroller thinks i have 400 rows.
how can i tell scroller to only count the real row? or can i not use scroller in this scenario?
I thought about using the scroller's option of specifying the rowHeight, but my detail rows have different height.

Any hints and suggestions are appreciated!


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    I'm afraid Scroller will indeed be incompatible with child row display in DataTables. Scroller, fundamentally requires all rows to be the same height in the table, with no additional or missing rows. Otherwise its calculations are off.

    So sorry, but Scroller can't be used in this case.

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