question about scroller buffer freezing in the demo

question about scroller buffer freezing in the demo

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I wanted to first thank Alan for addressing my datatable issue last time around. I have another issue that I've had with datatable for a while now and curiously enough, was able to reproduce it even on your demo page here:

the issue is (and forgive me if I've phrased the title wrong) that if you were to scroll up and down through the table (say using arrow keys in the case of your demo), at some point there's a glitch in the scrolling - a pause of some sort; in your demo, when that glitch happens, the scrolling stops; in the case of my datable, I can visibly see the glitch happen, scrolling stops for a half of second and then carries on.

in your demo, I found the glitch to happen around varies rows; got the glitch on row 39, 58, 47... nothing of course special about those rows, but just to point out the randomness of the issue (in my case it happens with tables that have at least a 100 rows).

the problem is even bigger for me in that in each row, I have an input field; if I select the first row's input field, elsewhere in my page I have certain information made visible about that row (say product info) and will stay visible as long as that input field is focused; when I scroll through the table and when that glitch randomly happens, the scrolling will continue, but i will have lost my focus from whatever product I had highlighted.

I hope this is descriptive enough. I am going to see if I can provide enough info in this jsfiddle as I can't share a direct link - if more data needed, do let me know.

thanks in advance for any input on this.
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