can't get oScroller loadingIndicator to work

can't get oScroller loadingIndicator to work

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I am having trouble getting oScroller loadingIndicator to work on my server side application. I use the following initialization code:

var oTable = $('#unitTableData').dataTable({
"bServerSide": true,
"sAjaxSource": "UTS/UnitListHandler",
"bProcessing": false,
"iDisplayLength": 50,
"bLengthChange": false,
"sScrollY": "300px",
"sDom": "rtiS",
"bDeferRender": true,
"oScroller": {
"loadingIndicator": true
"aoColumns" : [
{ },
{ sClass: "alignCenter" },
{ sWidth: '20%', sClass: "alignCenter" },

My table area shows up blank white for 5 seconds sometimes as it connects to the database (leaving a big blank hole), and there is no indication given that the table is loading when you use the search bar.

Here is a non-working example that I have hosted (the table is at the bottom):

I get no Javascript errors or exceptions in my MVC application.


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    I too cannot get the loading indicator to work. I disabled bProcessing too but still no luck.

    Debugging: ayajun
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    Have you included the Scroller CSS?

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    Actually, I have it working now. It's just in the footer and I cannot seem to get it to overlay the table like it does on the demo. I guess I just need to play with the CSS to get this working how I need. Thanks
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