Name of Lenght Function.

Name of Lenght Function.

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I want the name of function which is used in selected index change event of length dropdown as I want to add this function in my custom dropdown created by me. Can u provide me the same I had googled it but was enable to find any such function.


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    Do you mean aLengthMenu?
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    Thanks for the prompt reply,

    but I want to use function to use for my custom created dropdown and by hidding the datatable length dropdown. eg I created custom text box for search and hided the original search box of datatable and gave the function named "fnFilter" to my custom textbox and now my textbox works for datatable now I want to add lenght function to my custom dropdown and not the dropdown of datatable. Below is the example of search box I created.

    This is for Search box.


    $('#txtSearch').keypress(function () {

    As per above example I want to create length dropdown.
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    Sounds like the fnLengthChange plug-in is what you want: .

    1.10 will have a built in function that provides that functionality ( `page.len()` ).

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    Thank you.............:)
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    Hi Allan,
    In my jsp, i have disabled pagination using
    "bLengthChange": false,
    "bPaginate": false,
    when i add records using fnAddData(), it only shows 10 records.
    Also, when i use fnLengthChange() whenever i add a new row, it throws "object doesnt support this property or method".
    Please help!
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