ColumnFilter with three header rows

ColumnFilter with three header rows

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I have a table with three header rows:

Table title
...column titles
...column filter row


However, column filter can not be configured with this setup. Therefore, I have added another option "head:third" and added the LoC:

} else if (properties.sPlaceHolder == "head:third") {

if (oTable.fnSettings().bSortCellsTop) {
var tr = $("tr:first", oTable.fnSettings().nTHead).next().next().detach();
aoFilterCells = oTable.fnSettings().aoHeader[2];
} else {
aoFilterCells = oTable.fnSettings().aoHeader[1];

Then column filter is placing the filters in the third row. Just copied then body of head:after and added another next() invocation...


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    The column filter plug-in is not part of the DataTables project. I'd suggest opening an issue on the column filter's Google code page.

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