fnReloadAjax and bStandingRedraw

fnReloadAjax and bStandingRedraw

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After reading the following thread I got the impression that I could call the fnReloadAjax plugin method with a third parameter of bStandingRedraw equal to true in order to preserve the table state.


This didn't work for me, the table was reloaded though the page state was lost. I am using server side processing. I took a look at the fnReloadAjax plugin code and I noticed the following block at the beginning of the method.

// Server-side processing should just call fnDraw

if ( oSettings.oFeatures.bServerSide ) {

Seems that when you are using server side processing it will never get to the block of code that references the bStandingRedraw parameter later in the method. Is bStandingRedraw a valid parameter for use with server side processing? I commented out the code block referenced above as a test and the table does seem to reload and retain it's state.

if ( bStandingRedraw === true )
oSettings._iDisplayStart = iStart;
that.oApi._fnCalculateEnd( oSettings );
that.fnDraw( false );

I apologize if I am missing something though the bStandingRedraw doesn't seem to have any affect in my case.


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    I don't think fnReloadAjax should really be used at all when you are using server-side processing. Just call fnDraw( false ).

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