Scroller scrolling problem for huge datasets

Scroller scrolling problem for huge datasets

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I'm using Scroller to navigate through server-side ajax datasets of 1M rows with 30px for each row. It works perfectly with Chrome. But for IE and FF the scrollbar's cursors is wrongly positioned.

If I get Scroller's code right it inserts a as height as the total height (ie 30M px); in order to force the scroll height of the body to be defined to that height. What I observed is that the height in this div is wrong for IE and FF. So MAYBE that's the origin of the problem.

Chrome 27 (Works)

Firefox 21


Firefox writes the height into scientific notation and for an obscure reason IE10 is 8.6M short.

Did by any chance anyone in here had the same problem ?



I've put all the details in here. Just in case it is familiar to anyone ...
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