How to get paid for version of editor?

How to get paid for version of editor?

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I used PayPal to purchase the Editor plugin and was presented with a download button, as had been promised - immediate download after purchase. The trouble is this is still the Trial version. I have closed my browser and even tried it with another browser to make sure caching was not an issue. I was hoping for a late nighter to play but looks like I'm heading for bed instead. Help, please.


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    Hi lonnien,

    My apologises for that. We had a little hiccup processing your payment. I've corrected the error now and the licensing database is fully up-to-date again. If you go to you'll be able to download the full version of Editor now.

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    OK, great and thanks. I have downloaded it and now begins the process of making a simple test using sqlite using PHP.

    I'll spend some time and peruse the Forums for ideas and tips. Datatables is awesome BTW, but I'm sure you already know that.
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