Error Handling on editor forms?

Error Handling on editor forms?

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I would like to show error message on editor but i am always getting -
[quote]An error has occurred - Please contact the system administrator[/quote]

IMG Link -

I would like to show:
aaaa is required, xxxx is required and must be numeric

Field::inst( 'aaaa' )
->validator( 'Validate::required' ),
Field::inst( 'xxxx' )
->validator( 'Validate::numeric')

Debug Info -


  • allanallan Posts: 60,357Questions: 1Answers: 9,806 Site admin
    So that particular error message means that there has been an error getting JSON from the server. Most likely a JSON encoding error (which would actually hold 'proper' error messages). If you use Firebug or Inspector, what do they show is being returned from the server?

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