TableTools 2.1.0

TableTools 2.1.0

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Hello all,

It has been a little while since the last significant update to TableTools - but TableTools is playing an important part in the DataTables suite, and that role will become increasingly so in future. This release sees the following new features:

- Complete control over the tags and classes used by TableTools
- Smaller code size
- Programmatic control of the print view (fnPrint)
- Improved styling of the information view, which is now used by copy to clipboard and is available as an API method (fnInfo)
- Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Also in this release is a Twitter Bootstrap integration example: .

v2.1.0 of TableTools can be downloaded from the downloads page or directly here: .

This is effectively an interim release of TableTools, with a bigger release (in code terms, although probably not in features) is planned for future. v3 of TableTools will see TableTools join the set of fully JSDoc documents DataTables extras for automatic documentation, and a number of code improvements aimed at increasing flexibility and reducing the code size further.

As always, please consider supporting DataTables by making a donation to the project. Your donations and support allow development and support of DataTables to continue!



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    Thanks for the update, but it seems like the download page isnt up for the new Tabletools
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    Doh! Sorry about that. Try it now :-)

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